Deliciously fruity spreads since 1932 ...

As of 09 May 2022, Carsten Rocholl has joined the management team of Dr. Uta Simmler and Norbert Münch. This is the first time in the company’s 90-year history that a person outside the owner family will be active in the management. The aim of the expansion is to increase the awareness and distribution of our brand nationwide and to further advance the company’s overall development.

On 01 April 2022 we celebrated our 90th anniversary. In addition to a fantastic photo shoot for employees, the anniversary year also holds some exciting innovations. For example, we used the anniversary year to develop a flexible display concept that also gives smaller stores the opportunity to put Simmler more in the spotlight. For our customers, we offer exciting promotions in the anniversary year, ranging from a raffle to a loyalty points campaign.

Since mid-2020, our products have been presented in a new and modern style.

The revision was based on the results of an extensive GFK study commissioned in 2019. The aim of the study was to examine the motivations, behaviour and brand perception of the target group. Derived from this, the future focus of the Simmler brand was placed on the themes of regionality, sustainability, family business and artisan production of deliciously fruity spreads.

The existing emblem was also revised. It now clearly shows more of the southern Black Forest and solar energy. The design element of the wave has been re-positioned in combination with illustrated trees to create a Black Forest landscape. Overall, the new design focuses more clearly on our brand. The topic of sustainability is given more weight via a new disruptor. In addition to the redesign, the labels are produced on a new label paper with a natural feel, which emphasises the handcrafted character of the brand.

In 2019, our range was expanded to include the Simmler mini jars. We started with the “mini-jar selection 60x28g” for gastronomy, hotels and bakeries. In the course of the year, the Simmler “little package of delight” followed as a unit of 4 mini jars for the food retail trade. With a total of four varieties, we now offer an even more sustainable solution in the portion size range.

In March of 2018, Dr. Uta Simmler was awarded the Robin-Akademie’s Motivation Prize.  For the ninth time, the Robin-Akademie has honoured the work of entrepreneurs with its Motivation Prize. The academy was founded by Conny and Hans-Dieter Zöphelin in Dauchingen in 2006.

Mayors and promoters of business can nominate outstanding entrepreneurs from their city or community. A four-member jury picks three winners from among the nominees by assessing the nominations and using a report compiled by a jury member during a visit of the nominee.  The Robin-Akademie lists strength of character, drive, entrepreneurial dedication, customer focus, utility maximisation, positive values, a synergetic corporate culture and social commitment among the characteristics it values. Among other outstanding attributes, the jury attested Dr. Simmler a sense of responsibility toward humans and nature. The focus of her competence provides customers an experience of indulgence.

In summer and autumn 2017, Simmler supported a major charity project of the regional radio station Radio 7. The project partners Radio 7, food retailer REWE Südwest and Simmler jointly launched a “dragon kids jam”. For every jar of the strawberry & raspberry variety sold, 1 euro went to the “Radio 7 dragon kids”, a social charity campaign by Radio7.

The Radio 7 dragon kids (Original title: Radio 7 Drachenkinder) are sick, traumatised and disabled children within the Radio 7 broadcasting area who are supported in various ways.

On 31 May 2017, Simmler celebrated a Day of Sustainability with 120 invited guests.
The programme included different talks on the topic of sustainability, a tour of the new steam generation plant as well as information on the sustainability commitment of Simmler.
As part of the festivities, Simmler was also awarded a certificate by the Chamber of Industry & Commerce Hochrhein-Bodensee to recognise the company's 85th anniversary.

On April 1st, 2017, Simmler was able to celebrate its 85th company anniversary with a focus on sustainability. In a year of sustainability, the various sustainability projects are presented and actively communicated.

The deliciously fruity products are made from 100% renewable energy sources, which is why they can proudly bear the Solar®-Food seal. This seal is awarded to products that are manufactured in an environmentally, climate and resource-friendly manner. Simmler is proud to be the first and only company in its industry to produce Solar®-Food. The regenerative energy balance is tested and certified by the Technical University of Munich.

The production is 100% regenerative with the energy from a steam generation plant that is fired with wood pellets. Photovoltaic systems supply clean electricity, rainwater infiltration brings the valuable water back into the natural cycle.

Delicious. Fruity. Sustainable.

The black cherry & elderberry jam from Simmler won the Diamond Taste Award of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) in June of 2016, which made the company the world champion of jam manufacturers. This highly sought after honour is only awarded to products that have earned a 3 Star Superior Taste Award, the highest honour, in seven of the past ten years. Only 19 products have ever received a Diamond Taste Award. The black cherry & elderberry jam is the fourth German product and the world's first-ever jam that earned this recognition. Our entire team is extremely proud of this extraordinary honour.

Since November 2014, Simmler has presented itself in a completely new look – new, modern and classy. The new brand identity is characterised by different core elements. The previous slogan of "Delicious like mum's marmalade" was replaced with "Delicious. Fruity" - clear, unequivocal, modern and classy.
An optimised logo as well as a high-quality and distinct illustration of a fruit and a flavour designation provided an upgrade to the packaging. Another element is the new crest of Simmler. In addition to regionality, it also symbolises tradition, quality and sustainability and shows the many awards won by the jams.
In order to garner attention for the relaunch and the Simmler message "Culinary delights made in the Black Forest!", Simmler initiated many new and proven marketing initiatives.

Simmler celebrated its 80th anniversary on 1 April 2012. The anniversary year was devoted to quince, a regional fruit. For example, a local competition was held for which 80 small quince trees were raffled off. The small trees came from a Franconian recultivation project for old quince varieties initiated by Marius Wittur. Mr. Wittur held an inspiring talk on quince at the event and he planted multiple anniversary trees on company grounds. The goal is the repatriation of multiple quince varieties in the South Baden region, and therefore to prevent their extinction. This is also the objective of a joint project with Caritas organisation workshops for cultivating quince. And the demand shows that the jam pros from Lauchringen have come up with an especially good quince jelly: it is the second most popular flavour among end customers.

Direct sales also found a new home in completely redesigned rooms. All products, as well as top-quality jam-related gifts, are available for purchase.

A new live storage rack with space for up to 200,000 jars now contains the most important jams. Improvements were also made in terms of sustainability. A photovoltaic system, rainwater infiltration, energy-efficient heating and lighting are just some examples.

In July 2011, during a "Family and Friends Day", the completion of the new hall expansion with warehouse and shipping department was celebrated. In the end, about 1,000 square metres were added and processes from receiving the fruit to shipping the products were improved.

In 2007, the jam specialists from Lauchringen were able to celebrate the next highlight: their 75th anniversary. The anniversary year began with the release of limited edition anniversary jams. There was something for everybody with the three flavours strawberry and quince, golden kiwi and passion fruit, as well as black cherry and elderberry. Many different events, activities and competitions for end customers and for hotels/restaurants were held throughout the anniversary year. And there were lots of prizes: from a surprise package with jams from Simmler to an anniversary car. The highlight was an open day that attracted more than 6,000 visitors to the production facilities and an entertainment programme on the company premises.

In 2006, the new jam line "Fine Fruit" was launched. These jam specialities are made from the whole fruit. The seeds are strained, which gives these jams an especially fine and fruity taste.

In January 2003, a third generation of the family business assumed control of the company when Dr. Uta Simmler and her husband Norbert Münch became managing directors. Uta Simmler is responsible for sales and marketing while Norbert Münch is responsible for production, administration and procurement.

As a result of the prevailing customer structure at this time - and the specialist wholesale trade for the hotel and restaurant industries in particular - the company started focusing on the manufacture of portioned jams very early on. In 1965, Simmler Konfitüre became the first German manufacturer to launch an aluminium single-portion pack on the market. Both this pack and the quality of the jam made a significant contribution to the burgeoning popularity of Simmler products.

In 1955, the oldest son, Franz Herbert, joined the company, with the other son, Klaus, following in 1968. Both sons worked together to carry on the legacy of the company founder. Up until his retirement at the end of 1992, Franz Herbert Simmler had been responsible for administration, purchasing, finances and some areas of sales, while Klaus Simmler took care of production, technology, development and the remaining sales areas.

Right from the very beginning, the company took the consumers’ own cooked jams as a guide for the manufacture of its own products. All streamlining of its production has been, and still is, measured against this quality objective.
During the post-war years, the company’s sole initial focus was on the trade of fresh fruit. However, in 1949 there was a minimum sugar allocation for the manufacture of sweet spreads. The modest manufacturing range also included the production of sugar beet syrup. In the early 1950s, it became possible to start manufacturing jams once more.

In 1931, company founder Franz Simmler acquired the former cooperative dairy in Oberlauchringen and, following the necessary renovation and extension work, founded Franz Simmler, Klettgauer Obstverwertung, Oberlauchringen, on 1 April 1932. The company is therefore domiciled in the “orchard of South Baden”, the fine-fruit cultivation area of the Oberrhein and Hochrhein regions as well as the Black Forest foothills.
Throughout the 1920s, the canning factory in Griessen significantly fostered the cultivation of soft fruits within the region. Following the closure of this company, Franz Simmler acquired it to provide fruit growers with a place to store their harvests. As a result, the young company was manufacturing both jams and semi-finished fruit products right from the start, while also dedicating its efforts to the fresh fruit trade.