In our family business in the southern Black Forest in Germany, we are still celebrating the art of preserving jam. We turn the best fruits into a culinary delight. Traditional, hand-crafted and with lots of experience.

And all of that to delight you!

The recipe for our delicious jams sounds simple: Only the very best is good enough! Our philosophy affects every part of our process – from the selection of the fruit to the delivery of the finished jams to our customers!

Decades of experience have taught us where the best fruits grow. We exclusively purchase top-quality, ripe fruits from the growing regions that are ideal for the respective type of fruit.  For example, we prefer getting our black cherries from the nearby South Baden region and our wild cranberries from Scandinavia.

When they are delivered to us, we check all fruits carefully. Selecting only exquisite fruits contributes to the unique Simmler taste. 

During the preparation of our products, we rely on state-of-the-art technology and the years of experience of our highly qualified employees.

Among our machines are cutting-edge vacuum systems. They allow us to cook our fruits especially gently. What also sets our jams apart is that we still only cook them in small batches. That allows us to preserve the fruits’ delicious, natural taste. Furthermore, the high fruit piece content in our delicious products is proof of how gently we process the fruit in-house.

In addition to the technology we use, it is our experienced employees who guarantee the outstanding quality of our jams. 

Stringent quality controls during the entire production process of our jams allow us to guarantee that we meet the highest standards. Just before the filling process, our trained staff performs a final visual inspection of the jams.

Let’s talk about our containers. In addition to glass, we also offer our products in buckets and individual portions. Here, too, we offer uncompromising quality. We only use tasteless tin or aluminium packaging.  We have no use for plastics!

In addition, we have optimised the production and storage of our products. This ensures that our jams are fresh and in optimal condition when they reach you. That is something we are proud of, and it allows us to offer the Simmler quality pledge to our consumers and business partners:

For three generations, our jams have been produced with the greatest care and dedication. Our experienced employees and we, the Simmler family, guarantee that our jams will continue to meet the highest quality standards – both now and in the future.